Tøyen Startup Village and Entra

September 23, 2016

Meeting point Tøyen Square.

17.30 Tour of Tøyen Startup Village

We meet at the Tøyen square, in front of what is now becoming the workbar and village reception. We take a small tour of the area and show all the immediate resources that make the village function.

18-00 Place making and place branding TSV
– The method behind
Einar K. Holthe will talk about the practical approach to get the idea realised and the method of which the strategy was executed for building the start up village at Tøyen.

18.30 And international view on the future of co-working

Will Mercer from The Trampery co-working village in Hacney. London is presenting some of their findings
in a brand new study of the co-working movement. Insight in what comes next is revealed by The Trampery team.

19.00 A tour of Biblio Tøyen

The youth library which has become a enormous success at Tøyen. After 19.00 and closing time, adults are finally allowed for a sneak peak in to the realm of the kids. Being a youth library the biblio Tøyen has a strict no-adult rule and this is a unique possibility to see the site from within.

Entra has given Deichman-library 700 m2 to make this unique space and it ia a very good example on how a strong public concept can activate a area for the best of the society.

19.30 After the tour of Biblio Tøyen,

Tøyen Startup Village and Entra invites everyone to the roof terrace for a over view of the city seen from the towers of Tøyen and enjoying som refreshments as Oslo Urban Arena 2016 has come to an end.

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