Rosemary Feenan

May 11, 2017

The Making of a New World City
Europe is the incubator for the the future New World City according to Jones Long LaSalle.
“European cities like Oslo exhibit a diverse range of strengths that gives them a competitive advantage on larger cities,” said Rosemary Feenan, head of Global Research Programmes at JLL. “Their smaller scale makes them very agile, and they attract many millennials; a demographic that demands less conventional real estate, with a preference for characterful properties, a strong technology culture and which offer a high quality of life.”

Born and bred in Liverpool, Rosemary understood at an early age that cities have very distinct characters. As a urban planner and market strategist her personal interest in what makes cities work, grew into a career and a passion. She is now an International Director and Head of JLL’s Cities Research Programme which she set up 12 years ago.

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