Pilar Velilla

May 11, 2017

Pilar was born in Medellín, Columbia in 1952. Velilla worked as a radio and newspaper journalist for many years, and has a long and diversed career that spans from nursing to public relations to organic farming. As the Director of the Museum of Antioquia, she and her team managed to transform the neglected centennial institution to an inclusive, innovative and sustainable institution. 

Velilla worked as the Director of the Botanical Garden of Medellín, another entity in financial and social crisis. She undertook its complete renovation, which gave the city a fascinating public space and Colombia a consolidated and sustainable science centre. She is currently working as a Manager of the centre from the City Hall of Medellín, where they aspire to influence the urban space and the hearts of the citizens. In the future, Pilar Velilla plans to devote herself to the promotion of organic farming.

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