Oslo Unlimited

August 31, 2016

How are we to practically go about creating the communities we want to live in? Tøyen/Oslo Unlimited believes an alternative kind of incubator is needed: one deeply rooted in local neighborhoods and in the talent, creativity and knowledge that is to be found in the individuals who already live there. Incubators that maintain a link to the public sector, where anyone can walk in with an idea about how to improve the life of people facing daily challenges relating to health, education, isolation or discrimination. These ideas are the seeds around which the individual is supported as they create and then implement a sustainable social business model. The wider effects of increased inclusion, skills, social capital and community cohesion are as important as the businesses themselves.

In this session you will hear stories from the first such incubator, Tøyen Unlimited, as well as inspiration and lessons learned from UnLtd UK. We will then openly discuss whether this is something worth replicating beyond Tøyen, and if so how?


Why and how we started the community incubator Tøyen Unlimited. Is it a good idea and can we replicate it?

Sarah Prosser – Områdeløft Tøyen, Unlimited Tøyen/Oslo/Norge,

UnLtd: How and why we support social entrepreneurs in the UK. Including ‘Your idea – Your Guide': a new resource for pre- and early stage start-ups.

Sue Foster – Social entrepreneurship manager, Start-up North, UnLtd UK

The role of the community incubator – what’s in it for me? What’s in it for Tøyen?

Fredrik Gulowsen/Shamsa Moalin/Faridah Shakoor/Wid al-Saedy (tbc)

How to change the world – the idea of Ashoka and why it is partnering with Unlimited Norway.

Andreas Enger, Ashoka Support Network Norway, and partner Deloitte.

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