Oslo Arkitektur Triennale

August 29, 2017

Which visions and recommendations would you include in your own personal letter to those who make the decisions about our city? Do architects and developers want the same things? In the Oslo iteration of the international project, “Letters to the Mayor”, Oslo Architecture Triennale has asked architects and planners to write a letter to the Mayor of Oslo. The letters will be on display in the exhibition “Kjære ordfører” at DOGA from 26 September. This break-out session offers a preview of selected letters and invites developers and politicians to respond. The Mayor of Oslo, Marianne Borgen, will give her response upon the opening of the exhibition. “Letters to the Mayor” is initiated by Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York and previously presented in several major cities around the world. The project aims to create a forum for dialogue as a means of bringing innovative ideas and visions of the city closer to the decision-makers, and vice versa.

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