Naked House

July 3, 2017

Naked House started as a group of young Londoners who decided to develop our own affordable housing model. The idea was born out of desperation as we struggled to find a home that we could afford and that was designed with us in mind. We were frustrated with the “affordable” housing delivered by housebuilders and housing associations. Shared Ownership homes were often uninspiring, badly designed and over-priced.

Naked House boils down to three things:

Keep it affordable – by stripping it back to the bare essentials we’ll keep costs down. As a group we’ll benefit from economies of scale and we’re not for profit, so no fat fees will disappear to developers. The resale costs will be kept low to ensure the naked houses always remain affordable.

Do it ourselves– We’ll work with architects to get the basic structures right – that includes ensuring high environmental standards. But the rest is up to the people who’ll live there. We can choose what to spend money on, when to do it and how much we do ourselves. We hope this bottom up process will create homes better suited to people’s needs and able to adapt over time.

Build a community – We hope the process – of people investing in buildings not to turn a profit but to create their own homes – will create a collective sense of place.

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