Mona El Hallak

April 26, 2017

Mona El Hallak Ghaibeh is a Lebanese architect and heritage preservation activist who led the campaign for the Beit Beirut Museum of Memory of the city. As the Director of the Neighborhood Initiative at the American University of Beirut, she now works to mobilize the full power of AUB for the public good in Ras Beirut, promoting the neighborhood’s livability, vitality, and diversity. The Neighborhood Initiative leads projects that provide unique community engagement opportunities for faculty and students through innovative outreach activities and multidisciplinary research, thus promoting critical citizenship.

She is an active member of Beirut Madinati that started out as an independent volunteer-led electoral campaign for the Municipal Elections of Beirut in May 2016 to elect a municipal council of qualified, politically unaffiliated individuals, and, once in office, to support them in implementing a people-centered program that prioritizes livability in the city. After the elections, where the list got 40% of the votes and infused the city with hope, Beirut Madinati is continuing its work with the civil society as a shadow Municipality to monitor the work of the current municipality and try to enforce the program that they proposed for a more livable and inclusive city.

She is a member of APSAD (Asoociation pour le Protection des Sites et Anciennes Demeures) and a founding member of two non-governmental organizations: “IRAB” for the preservation of the musical heritage of the Arab world and “ZAKIRA” for promoting photography and its role in preserving Memory.

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