Oslo arkitekturtriennale 2016

June 10, 2015

After Belonging Agency er kurator for OAT 2016. Gruppen består av fem spanske arkitekter og akademikere som har lang erfaring med å kuratere utstillinger, installasjoner og seminarer på viktige arkitekturformidlingsarenaer – biennaler og triennaler – over hele verden. Gruppen består av Lluís Alexandre Casanovas Blanco, Ignacio González Galán, Carlos Mínguez Carrasco, Alejandra Navarrete Llopis and Marina Otero Verzier. De holder til daglig til i New York og Rotterdam.

Oslo Architecture Trienniale is about belonging. On this year’s Oslo Urban Arena, the OAT team will present the theme for next year’s triennale and launch “In Residence” –an open competition that invites architects and professionals from all over the world to discuss and suggest solutions for a number of situations as a direct consequence of humanities increasing roving existences’ – an actuality both globally and locally. The suggested solutions will be an important part of the triennial’s program.

There will be a workshop organized by OAT and the curators at DOGA later the same day. Information about the different issues and the elements and conditions regarding the competitions will be presented.


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