Early bird catches the worm

February 12, 2015

Oslo Urban Arena open our registration as of today, and can offer the early birds close to 20% discount. Oslo Urban Arena will give you a genuine opportunity to debate urban solutions in the fastest growing region in Europe – in a vibrant atmosphere connecting all different environments participating in creating the city. Cities are not the problem, they are the solutions.

Oslo Urban Arena is dedicated to identify urban solutions connected to a variety of urban topics, amongst them entrepreneurship, smart cities, retail, resilient cities, music/fashion, functional regions, shared economy, multiculturalism, infrastructure and participatory democracy. By connecting and re-arranging these topics, Oslo Urban Arena creates an array where complexity are handled in order to give life to different stratas of new urban solutions.

The early bird offer will run for one month, until March 16th. Sign up today, or be gone tomorrow.

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