Det nye regjeringskvartalet

June 11, 2015

Avdelingsdirektør Jo Ulltveit-Moe i Statsbygg vil fortelle om prosessen og det arbeidet som har blitt gjort siden 22. juli 2011, hvor vi står i dag, planene for å ferdigstille regjeringskvartalet omkring 2024 og de store utfordringene som forventes. Direkte etterfulgt innlegget vil Jo Ulltveit-Mo lede en ekskursjon til regjeringskvartalet.

Regjeringskvartalet is one of the largest construction projects in Oslo in recent times. Simultaneously as the building intend to bring effective, physical spaces for the governments employees, the project will affect Oslo city center both in the construction and in the operating phases. The tragic past of this area will make this project especially challenging, and demand high standards all the way through the implementation. Jo Ulltveit-Mo, Statsbygg will present the process and the work that has been done since July 22nd, 2011, where they are today, the challenges that are to be expected and the plans to complete the project about year 2024. Directly followed this presentation, Jo Ulltveit-Mo will lead participants on an excursion to the area.

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