David Zahle

January 1, 2015

Nylig har David overvåket designet på flere prominente prosjekter som Qingdao Museum, Experimentarium konkurransen i København og den prisvinnende Amagerforbænding: Københavns nye forbrenningsanlegg med et innovativt tak som også er en skibakke. Han har forelest om BIGs arbeid over hele Europa, og undervist i hele Skandinavia.

David Zahle is the Project and Design Architect responsible for many of BIG´s award winning projects. He led the design of the Stavanger Concert House, which was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale 2004 for the world’s best concert house, the Magnakil Education Centre in the Faroe Islands and the Danish Maritime Museum from its concept stage to completion in 2012.

Recently David has overseen the design of many prominent projects including a new art gallery and sculpture park in Norway, the Qingdao Science Museum, the Experimentarium competition in Copenhagen and the prize winning Amagerforbrænding; Copenhagen’s new Waste-to-Energy Plant with an innovative roof doubling as a ski slope. He has lectured on BIG’s works throughout Europe and taught throughout Scandinavia.

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