Calling architects all over the world

March 18, 2015

Calling architects all over the world Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT) will use Oslo Urban Arena to launch an international architecture competition.

The global circulation of people, objects and information today, is unprecedented. A record-high and fast-increasing number of people are on a global quest for work, knowledge, protection, adventure and a better life.

The OAT 2016 Program In-Residence invites architects from around the world to react to the different challenges symptomatic of our transformed condition of belonging. This transformation, which is the focus of the Triennale, concerns both our attachment to places—where do we belong?—, and our relation to the objects we own, share and exchange—how do we manage our belongings?

The open, international architecture competition will select a number of projects to be developed In-Residence during the Triennale period. Architects will be invited to propose site-specific interventions for specially selected spaces both in Oslo and in global locations.The aim is to test spatial strategies, material prototypes, technological upgrades, digital protocols and legal framings related to the contemporary transformation of residence.

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