Cycel space/ Hoi!

August 29, 2017

“No Longer Bike Friendly

An hour where we will forget about accommodating cyclists with our designs and instead imagine cities and buildings for ourselves if we cycled—yes, our lazy-boned selves.
With Dr. Steven Fleming, assosiate partner of newly founded Hoi! Oslo thinks Oslo can be the world’s most inspiring bicycling city, precisely because it is not flat. eBikes and safe bike paths are only part of the answer. What is really required is an urban planning and architectural solution. Participants will get a crash course in Steven’s bike-centric building typology work from his new book Velotopia (NAi010 Publishers, 2017) then be a part of a co-creation workshop aimed at identifying opportunities for highly innovative bicycle oriented developments on former industrial redevelopment sites identified as offering great potential for cycling.
Eivin Winswold fra Sykkelprosjektet Oslo kommune holder en innledning om Oslostandarden.”

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