Beirut and Beyond – Oslo World Music

August 29, 2017

What happens when political leadership in the city is incompetent? We invite you to take a closer look at Beirut Madinati and engage in a discussion on civic engagement and the quest for identity and belonging in the city.
Frustrated by the ineffectiveness of months of anti-government protests, sparked by a nationwide garbage crisis in 2015 and with parliamentary elections already twice postponed, the Lebanese civic society decided to “shake up” the old system, and effect change via an unlikely conduct: Municipal Elections. 

Beirut Madinati is a collective of professors, technocrats and activists standing in the capital’s municipality elections. In 2016 Beirut Madinati won one of the three Beirut electoral districts, but lost the overall elections with 40% against the ‘Beirutis’ list’. However they continued their mission and created an Alternative Municipality.

Architect and preservation activist Mona El Hallak will present a case from Beirut. In Beirut’s frenzy of real estate speculation and sweeping post war amnesia, it is a miracle that the Barakat Building still stands in Beirut today, and yet more miraculous that it will be a Museum of Memory of the City of Beirut.

Alexandra Archetti Stølen : Festival director of Oslo World and co-founder of Beirut and Beyond International Music Festival
Janne Wilberg: Managing director of the Cultural Heritage Management office in Oslo (Byantikvaren)
Panel Moderator: Architect Urbanist Øystein Grønning: director of migrant AS who has an extensive experience in the Middle East and Cultural Heritage in urban planning as a key issue in urban and tourism development plans.

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