Andrew Phipps

June 26, 2017

Andrew has worked in retail for more than 25 years, his focus being on better understanding the consumer and always relating that back to what retailers should look to deliver.
Andrew is currently the Head of Retail Research and is responsible for overseeing, developing and directing both the research agenda and the consulting proposition.
Leading a team based in the UK as well as local resource in each market Andrew’s focus is on creating and maintaining a centre of excellence that is utilised to ensure that clients across receive an outstanding level of service.

Future Thinking
The changes that are taking place both in terms of societal and technological are creating ripples across all industries. Andrew is focused on uncovering and evaluating the trends that are arising. Quantifying the importance of these trends, when they will mature and how they interrelate is all-important. The occupiers and investors that understand how these trends will change the way people behave are those that will continue to thrive.

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